Introduction costs to funding

Holder: David Martimort (PSE / EHESS)

Funding:IEF- Institut Europlace de Finance/Louis Bachelier

Starting in: June 2017 – Ending in: June 2020

The aim of the research is to study the links between the regulation of activity and the capacity to finance investments.

ANR GAZET – What role can gas play in the energy transition?

Holer: Fanny Henriet (PSE / CNRS)

Funding:Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

Starting in: January 2017 – Ending in: July 2021

This project intends to explore and understand in a zero carbon economy the role of gas, that generates less pollution than coal while still emitting CO2 when burning. Should gas stay underground? Is it a source of energy pertinent in a transition period, to save time towards efficient renewable sources? Will we take then the risk of staying prisoner of a polluting economy? What is the gas role, and in particular the shale gas role, in international carbon leakage?