Adapting to climate change and natural disasters

Keywords: weather shocks, natural disasters, floods, typhoons, extreme temperatures, adaptation in agriculture, hedonistic approach, migrations

In the absence of a coordinated international policy to reduce greenhouse gases, society and citizens have to adapt to climate change, the effects of which are already being felt. All areas of our economies will have to adapt, but some – because of their greater sensitivity to extreme temperatures or natural disasters – need to do so earlier than others. Economic research on these issues looks at how individuals or firms have responded to climate shocks, the frequency and scale of which are increasing. The approach used is usually based on an ex-post analysis of data and an accurate pairing of the geographical location of individuals or firms with the shocks they are facing. The methodology used often relies on a difference in differences approach which compares decisions made by individuals affected by a climate shock – which are exogenous by definition – and those who are not or only slightly affected.

In this research field, Hélène Ollivier addresses the impact of typhoons on agricultural production and the prices of different agricultural products in the Philippines. The country is hit by powerful typhoons every year, but these only cause damage in the areas with the strongest winds. Against this backdrop, the study focused on possible spillover measured in terms of agricultural price increases in areas not directly affected by extreme wind events due to the typhoon but trading with the areas directly affected.

Katrin Millock studies the socio-economic effects of extreme weather events, such as floods. She also works on how to adapt to climate change through migration and how this interacts with other forms of adaptation. The group also studies issues related to water scarcity and climate change.

  • Researchers: Katrin Millock, Helène Ollivier.
  • PhD students: Luis Becerra-Valbuena, Martin Jégard.

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